Strategic University Governance

Governance is a path to organizational effectiveness

Universities are amazing places of discovery and learning.  They make huge contributions to Canadian society and are more important than ever.  The governance environment is complex.  I help universities navigate governance issues effectively. 



It is a best practice for universities to review their governance practices.  I was pleased to work with my project partner Dr. Julia Eastman to conduct a comprehensive review of Dalhousie’s governance.  This review arose from its most recent strategic planning exercise.  Dalhousie is to be commended for recognizing the importance of effective governance to the realization of strategic goals.

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Cheryl has been invited to speak at many events and conferences, where she discusses a wide array of governance topics.


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I am the President of Strategic Governance Consulting Services Ltd. and the author of An Introduction to University Governance. I wrote this book to support colleagues in the university sector understand governance. I have been providing governance consulting support in the higher education and other sectors for five years.

Good governance is strategic because it is an essential condition to maintaining institutional autonomy.

I write about university governance and provide support to my colleagues in the university sector because I want to contribute to the continuous improvement of governance practices.  I believe that strengthened governance is an essential condition for institutional autonomy and that improved governance practices are necessary to combat current threats to institutional autonomy.


The Book

This book introduces you to the aspects of university governance that are unique. It’s a book intended to help you learn about the sector more quickly so that you can contribute more fully and feel more engaged.

If you agree that

  • organizations have to be strategic…

  • effective decision-making is key…

  • communication is essential to success…

Then you support a good governance culture and I can help you remove the obstacles in the way of good governance.

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